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Concrete Hydro-demolition and Scarification System

The Blackhawk BHK-100 is a cost effective and high performing system for concrete hydro-demolition and scarification applications. It is specifically engineered as an attachment to standard flow hydraulic machines, offering a significant cost savings over robotic drive systems.

  • More effective than jackhammering for concrete removal
  • Does not negatively affect sound concreteor introduce fracturing into the structure
  • Designed for horizontal, vertical or angled applications
  • Adaptable to your choice of implement (skid steer, telehandler, etc.)
  • Completely integrated hydraulic controls
  • Designed for use at any orientation
  • Effective for concrete scarification, partial depth cutting, or complete removal
  • Ideal for use on bridges, roadways, garages, and difficult to reach locations

Tool feature: How this helps:
Highly configurable design Machine can be applied to surface at various angles and repeatedly configured to specific nozzle standoff and traverse/rotation speeds
Integrated hydraulic system Powered completely by the auxiliary hydraulics of the skid steer
Adjustable travel and rotation Control speeds independently for optimum removal rates
Height indicator Easily gauge standoff distance
Rubber lined shroud Contains debris and reduces noice
Maximum Pressure 22k psi (1500 bar)
Maximum Flow 50 gpm (190 l/min)
Inlet Connection 3/4 Male MP (GP 252 – M24MP12 Coupling)
Machine Attachment Universal skid steer plate
Minimum Required Hydraulic Supply 10 gpm @ 600 psi (37.8 l/min @ 41.4 Bar)
Hydraulic Supply Range 10-40 gpm/600-1500 psi
Hydraulic Connectors Faster FFH08 male and female quick connects
Weight 1200 lbs (544 kg)
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